Minimize energy consumption through vehicle and powertrain control enabled by knowledge environment

For more than 2 years, Argonne has been developing vehicle powertrain control algorithms to minimize energy consumption, including rule based approaches, Equivalent Consumption Minimization Strategy (ECMS), Dynamic Programming, Optimal Control Methods, Pontryagin’s Minimum Principle (PMP)… To quantify the impact of novel control algorithms, we have used extensive vehicle dynamometer test data to understand current state of the art control, making Autonomie one of the only non-proprietary vehicle system simulation tool with control algorithms developed based on actual test data across a wide range of powertrains, technologies and vehicle classes.

More recently, with the introduction of connected and automated vehicles along with a higher knowledge of the environment, new control algorithms have been developed in RoadRunner to include V2V, V2I… Our current focus is on developing real world implementable algorithm deployed using xIL.