Up to 20% energy savings demonstrated on actual vehicles using xIL

Novel eco-driving CAV controls were deployed across multiple real vehicles using xIL, both on dynamometer at Argonne, and on track at ACM (in partnership with MTU). Initially developed in SMART 1.0, the controllers demonstrated significant energy consumption improvements across a large number of scenarios. Using a newly developed xIL process centered around RoadRunner, we were able to successfully confirm the simulated energy consumption predictions across 20+ scenarios deployed on two vehicles (GM Bolt and GM Blazer), each with different powertrains (conventional and BEV), in two different environments (vehicle dynamometer and on-track).

In addition to validating the initial RoadRunner simulation results, the newly developed xIL automated process demonstrated a repeatability within 1% on the dynamometer in terms of travel time and energy consumption.

xIL testing confirmed that up to 20% energy savings can be achieved, compared to a baseline control.

Energy Savings for a Lead Vehicle (GM Bolt) w/ Speed-only Eco-Driving and V2I-Enabled Eco-Approach (xIL testing performed on Argonne AMTL)