Name Position Expertise Email Phone Profile
Auld, Joshua Manager, Transportation Systems and Mobility Activity-based modeling, transportation simulations, behavior modeling [email protected] (630) 252-5460 Link
Cokyasar, Taner Consultant, Vehicle and Mobility Systems Group Transport optimization applications [email protected]
de Souza, Felipe Consultant, Vehicle and Mobility Systems Group Traffic and Shared Vehicles Simulation [email protected]
Dupont, Benjamin Predoctoral Appointee Vehicle system modeling and control [email protected]
Freyermuth, Vincent Systems Analysis Engineer Electrification and the impact of emerging mobility trends [email protected] (630) 252-6735 Link
Gurumurthy, Krishna Murthy Computational Transportation Engineer Shared Vehicles, Simulation, Travel Demand Forecasting [email protected] Link
Han, Jihun Principal Engineering Research Associate Modeling, control, and simulation with an emphasis on connected and automated vehicle systems [email protected] Link
Islam, Ehsan Sabri Vehicle Systems Engineer
Jeong, Jongryeol Systems Analysis Engineer Vehicle system modeling, control optimization, and XIL deployment [email protected] (630) 252-2429 Link
Karbowski, Dominik Manager, Intelligent Vehicle Control & Electric aviation Vehicle control, Connected & Automated Vehicles, energy management, low-carbon aviation
Khan, Nazmul Arefin Computational Transportation Engineer Travel Behavior Analysis, Travel Demand Modeling and Forecasting, Activity-based Modeling, Integrated Urban Modeling, Agent-based Microsimulation [email protected] (630) 864-2878 Link
Kim, Namdoo Principal Systems Analysis Engineer Vehicle system modeling and control [email protected] (630) 252-2843 Link
Kim, Namwook Visiting scholar, Vehicle and Mobility Systems Group Control optimization for vehicle systems [email protected] Link
Mansour, Charbel Mobility Systems Engineering Associate Vehicle and Thermal Systems Management | Transportation Systems Modeling for Policy Analysis and Recommendation (with emphasis on the impact of Connected, Automated, Shared, and Electrified mobility systems on consumption, cost, and emissions, at the transportation system level). [email protected]
Moawad, Ayman Machine Learning Engineer Simulation, data driven modeling, data analysis, application of AI to energy for intelligent vehicles and transportation systems. [email protected] Link
Nieto Prada, Daniela Engineering Research Associate Vehicle system modeling and control [email protected]
Pagerit, Sylvain Senior Systems, Software and HPC Engineer [email protected] (630) 252-6595 Link
Prabhakar, Nirmit Aerospace Research Engineer Aircraft Design, Dynamics and Control with a focus on aviation sustainability [email protected] (630) 252-8140 Link
Rousseau, Aymeric Manager, Vehicle and Mobility Systems Group Transportation decarbonization with focus on large complex system problems [email protected] (630) 816-5471 Link
Sahin, Olcay Postdoctoral Researcher, Vehicle and Mobility Systems Group Transportation Systems Modeling, Data Science, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Freight Transportation and Modeling [email protected] Link
Sharer, Phillip Technical Manager, Model Based Systems Engineering Software Development for Model Based Systems Engineering [email protected]
Shen, Daliang Research Engineer, Intelligent Vehicle Control Optimal control for energy efficiency-focused vehicle driving & powertrain operation
Stinson, Monique Technical Manager, Freight Systems and Analytics Transportation Systems Modeling, Travel Demand Forecasting, Freight and Passenger Behavioral Models, Data Science, Agent-based Models [email protected] (630) 252-6562 Link
Verbas, Omer Technical Lead for Network Modeling and Simulation Transportation network modeling, transit service design and optimization, charging behavior for electric vehicles [email protected] (630) 252-8576 Link
Vijayagopal, Ram Technical Manager, Vehicle Technology Assessment Vehicle system modeling and control.
White, Griffin Research Engineer Software Development in C++, etc. [email protected] Link
Zhang, Yaozhong Research Engineer Vehicle control, autonomous driving [email protected]
Zuniga, Natalia Computational Transportation Engineer Emerging mobility services, data science, statistics [email protected] Link