Dynamic Aircraft Simulation Tool for Energy and Mission Performance

Electric and hybrid airplanes, vehicles for urban air mobility, and UAVs for goods delivery will change aviation. Propulsion design, energy management, and mission optimization are required to get the most out of batteries powering them. Aeronomie is a new simulation tool designed to facilitate these efforts. Aeronomie is the aeronautical version of Autonomie, Argonne’s road vehicle energy consumption tool. Developed over the past 20 years and adopted by over 275 organizations, Autonomie is extensively used for the development of more energy-efficient vehicles. The aircraft system model, fixed wing or multi-rotary is composed of multiple subsystems, including environment (air density, wind, gust), airframe (6-Degrees-of-Freedom motion and aerodynamics), power and propulsions (battery, engine, motors, propellers, etc) and control and pilot (follow mission waypoints & control thrust and surfaces).

Fig.1 - Simulink diagram of an electric power-plant

Product Highlights

  • Aircraft Systems: power plant, propulsion, aerodynamics, flight dynamics, pilot/controls
  • Simulate entire flight mission
  • Fixed-wing and multi-rotary, including UAV
  • Full simulation workflow: from aircraft setup, mission definition, simulation, post-processing and analysis
  • Automated building algorithm to create the model of the entire aircraft from subsystem models
  • Models code open and fully customizable; users can add their models
  • Large-scale parametric studies using HPC and simulation-based optimization

Application Examples

  • Aircraft design optimization
  • Power plant architecture optimization
  • Electrification and hybridization
  • Control and mission optimization
  • Component requirements and sizing
  • Energy consumption, range, endurance, payload trade-offs


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