Design and deploy workflows with our next-generation model-based systems engineering (MBSE) platform.

Developed by the Argonne National Laboratory Vehicle & Systems Mobility Group (VMS) and designed from the ground up as an extensible framework, our advanced model-based engineering resource (AMBER ) is a next generation model-based systems engineering (MBSE) platform that allows engineers to create, customize, and deploy workflows to fit their specific roles. Each unique, streamlined workflow is comprised only of the tools and functionalities that are relevant to solving your unique mobility challenge. With AMBER, software developed by Argonne (e.g., Autonomie, POLARIS, SVTrip, RoadRunner, GREET, etc.) or third parties (e.g., Tableau, GTPower, AMESim, AimSun, VISSIM, etc.) can be easily integrated into one framework, leveraging the commonalities of their user interfaces (UI) and business logic.

AMBER highlights include:

  • End-to-end MBSE workflow manager, including model-in-the-loop (MIL), software-in-the-loop (SIL), hardware-in-the-loop (HIL), and vehicle-in-the-loop (VIL) simulations; and
  • Full customization (metadata based).

Workflow examples include:

  • Individual vehicle energy consumption and cost analysis (Autonomie);
  • Energy-efficient controls, enabled by connectivity and automation (RoadRunner);
  • Measuring impact of new technologies at the transportation system level (POLARIS, SVTrip, Autonomie EXPRESS, and /GREET);
  • Measuring energy impact of new technologies using micro-simulation tools (Autonomie EXPRESS); and
  • MBSE applications
    • Component-in-the-Loop (Autonomie)
    • Vehicle-in-the-Loop (RoadRunner)


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