Evaluate the techno-economic impact of vehicle technologies using TechScape

TechScape (formerly BEAN) is a powerful data driven framework that offers comprehensive techno-economic analysis and data visualization capabilities to evaluate the current and future vehicle TECHnology landSCAPEs. TechScape leverages a large number of individual databases and tools related to vehicle technologies, energy consumption, component costs, energy costs, fuel/electricity production pathways, materials content, and market penetration. It brings them together to answer unique system level questions.

By integrating multiple databases into a coherent framework, TechScape facilitates a holistic approach to assessing the impact of decarbonization strategies. Users can examine the impact of different vehicle technology landscapes on mobility, cost, energy consumption, GHG and pollutants emissions, critical materials requirement, and infrastructure. To this end, TechScape provides in-depth analyses across vehicle classes (from light to medium and heavy-duty), and timeframes (from 2020 to 2050), including uncertainties.

TechScape highlights:

  • Relies on databases generated from expert tools including BatPac, Autonomie, GREET, among others, as well as studies and reports (e.g., IEA and BNEF).
  • Includes over 3,000 vehicle models, 30 vehicle classes, and 7 powertrain types, spanning from 2020 to 2050.
  • Provides a rich ecosystem of individual databases related to vehicle technologies, component costs, energy costs, materials content, energy production pathways, and more.
  • Supports multiple environmental and economic metrics to assess decarbonization strategies.
  • Includes built-in, user-friendly post-processing and data visualization capabilities to compare vehicle technologies while considering uncertainty factors.
  • Features insights into mobility, cost, energy consumption, emissions, and other relevant factors while assessing uncertainties, such as market penetration scenario, energy costs, and annual miles traveled.
  • Offers a product line that caters to different levels of analytical needs for user audiences, including TechScape Web, and Desktop.

Application examples include:

  • Compare Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) across powertrains (Conv, HEVs, PHEVs, BEVs, FCEVs) for different vehicle classes and timeframes (link).
  • Quantify the influence of energy cost and Vehicle Miles Travelled (VMT) on the impact of vehicle technologies.
  • Evaluate the conditions under which technologies become competitive, considering factors such as component costs and incentives.
  • Quantify the material demand (e.g., cobalt, nickel) to meet different market penetration scenarios and explore how recycling can help mitigate it.
  • Assess the technology’s impact on GHG from both an individual vehicle and fleet perspective .

View and download TechScape 2022 examples for light-duty vehicles and medium- and heavy-duty vehicles.

For more information on the related study assumption, methodology, and results, please visit U.S. DOE VTO/HFTO R&D Benefits

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